Weekly Roundup: Big Sharing & Big Data
Posted on: June 18, 2015

Top Federal Acquisition Policy Official Highlights Progress to Streamline, Improve IT Spending

June 17, 2015


When it comes to the amount of resources dedicated to federal procurement, the numbers are staggering.  Dibya Sarkar reports that there are over 3,000 acquisition offices, 37,000 contracting officers, and 100,000 personnel dedicated to federal acquisitions.  Furthermore, the details on exactly where the $80B per year in federal IT dollars are being spent remains fuzzy, such as how many software licenses are purchased with 5.5B of taxpayer dollars.  To address these ongoing concerns, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy is pushing for increased use of shared services, as well as amplified collaboration across departments on the top 10 procurement categories.  Additional efforts, such as specialized training and proactive feedback from vendors, will help the government identify areas to improve acquisition processes and communicate the benefits of sharing resources across the industry.


Governments Around the World Join Data-as-a-Utility Revolution

June 17, 2015


Public sector organizations throughout the world are catching up to big data trends, states Kevin Merritt.  Governments have recognized the benefits of using data to support the missions and activities of a public sector agency, to include policy creation, voting, and budgetary decisions.  Data analytics can also be applied to the workflows of an organization in order to build transparency, create efficiencies and increase effectiveness of operations.  As a result, governments are seeking new technologies that can not only fill current data needs but also provide flexibility to support the next generation of analytics and reporting.