Weekly Roundup: DoD Savings & VA Restructuring
Posted on: January 30, 2015

DoD Business Panel Proposes $125B in Savings

http://www.defensenews.com/story/defense/policy-budget/, Jan. 25, 2015

This past October, Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work directed a task group to analyze private sector IT modernization best practices that could be utilized in DoD to gain further efficiencies and cost savings.  Mr. McLeary provides a summary of the Defense Business Board’s recently released findings and recommendations, which projects a reduction of $125B in DoD spending over the next five years. The top three drivers of these changes would stem from early retirements, decreased contractor services and renegotiated administrative costs for existing contracts.

New Simplified Map for Veterans Affairs

http://www.militarytimes.com/story/military/benefits/veterans, Jan. 26, 2015

The VA unveiled a new regional map to increase coordination and communication across offices, reports Mr. Shane.  The functions occurring within these regional offices, such as benefits processing, home loan awards, and health care services, will require additional strategic reviews within each region to determine how to share or allocate responsibilities across the offices. The end result of the reorganization is to “improve the veteran experience” through a more transparent network of offices and functional one-stop shops for veterans in need.

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