Reorganization of the VA
Posted on: November 14, 2014

On the eve of Veterans Day this past week, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs announced a massive reorganization that will significantly impact VA employees and the veteran customers who were to be honored by the holiday.  Secretary Robert McDonald’s long-term reorganization plan will focus on customer service, internal coordination, expanded public-private partnerships, and shared services.

The Secretary is a U.S. Army veteran himself and, following his transition from the military, he built an impressive career as the Chairman, President, and CEO of Proctor & Gamble.  With the combination of his military service, executive role at a large commercial organization and commitment to values-based leadership, Secretary McDonald is poised to bring expertise and direction to a government agency that has undergone a considerable amount of scrutiny and public attention this year.

The timing and focus of his announcement aligns perfectly with the solutions that have been leveraged across the industry by federal components that have undergone similar – although usually on a much smaller scale – transformations.  Consulting professionals can bridge the gaps in knowledge and skills to provide guidance and recommendations to government leadership with services such as market surveys, detailed courses of action and implementation plans.

Z Street Consulting is one of the few small businesses in the federal marketplace whose primary capabilities include shared services transformation planning support.  Z Street Consulting’s CEO, Alexandra Minor, was honored to meet the Secretary last Thursday and discuss the company’s shared services perspectives during a selective round table event with fellow veteran entrepreneurs at the Alexandria Veterans Business Enterprise Center (AVBEC).  With the company’s service-disabled veteran-owned small business status expected to be granted in the next few months from the VA CVE process, Z Street Consulting looks forward to potentially supporting the VA’s future movement to shared services and giving back to the veteran community.


For more information on the VA announcement, please see the Department’s press release at